NKFI gyorsítósáv 2021

Conference presentations about the clinical results of the Gyorsítósáv project


The clinical team of Kinepict has evaluated the clinical data obtained from the clinical trials of the Gyorsítósáv project. The results were presented during the following scientific conferences:

1.    Góg I et al. retrospective comparison of color-coded DVA and Siemens iFlow – pilot study. Poster presentation during the annual conference of Magyar Angiológiai és Érsebészeti Társaság (Hungary, Balatonfüred, 2022. 05. 11-13.)

2.    Vogl TJ. Potential Benefits of DVA in Prostatic Artery Embolisation. Oral presentation at Kinepict Symposium during CIRSE 2022 (Spain, Barcelona, 2022.09.13.)

3.    Alizadeh L. Applications of Digital Variance Angiography and color-coded Digital Variance Angiography in Prostatic Artery Embolization. ECR 2022 (Austria, Vienna, 2022. 07.14.)

4.    Alizadeh L. et al. Application and potential benefits of color-coded Digital Variance Angiography in Prostatic Artery Embolization. Poster presentation at RSNA 2022 (U.S., Chicago, 2022.11.27-12.01.)

2020-1.1.5-GYORSÍTÓSÁV-2021-00018 has been implemented with the support provided by the Ministry of Innovation and Technology of Hungary from the National Research, Development and Innovation Fund, financed under the 2020-1.1.5-GYORSÍTÓSÁV funding scheme.


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